PROJECT UPDATE: Week of February 6, 2017

Since construction resumed on January 30, our crews have been focused on: general project maintenance; excavation and construction of retaining walls near the National Park; installation of reclaimed waterline and corresponding structures; setting traffic signal and street light foundations; and completing conduit installation at Hulikoa and Ka’iminani Drive intersections. In the near future, we plan to install drainage structures on the south side of the project while also preparing Hulikoa Drive for a four-way signalized intersection.  Additional temporary signals will be installed at Hulikoa Drive intersection in the coming weeks. This work should not affect Queen Ka’ahumanu traffic. Please check the website for future updates on the upcoming work.

Due to questions from the community, we would like to further address the recent work stoppage.  This work stoppage was not due to any discovery of iwi on the work site, and HDOT continues to work with the appropriate parties to resolve the matters detailed in January 2017 Update posted on the website.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding as we resume work on the highway.

PROJECT PHOTOS - Week of February 6, 2017


Crew installing SARV Box and Manhole Structure on the Reclaimed Waterline. 

Excavation of Retaining Wall Footing North of National Park Entrance.

Excavation of Retaining Wall Footing South of National Park entrance.

Backfill of Culvert Outlet Structure South of Ka'iminani Drive.

PROJECT UPDATE - Week of October 3, 2016

As we proceed with work on the Queen K Highway, we are aware of the upcoming Ironman World Championship that will be held on Saturday, Oct 8th here in Kailua-Kona.  We will continue to monitor our project site to ensure the safety of cyclists, motorists and other users of the highway.  We will be performing extra sweeping on the shoulders of the highway that border the Project Site.

For safety reasons, we continue to ask the public to please stay out of the construction zone.  This also includes unauthorized vehicles parking in the project site area.

As for construction progress, the job continues work near the Kealakehe intersection.  Crews have been installing the gravity sewer and reclaimed water lines.  Also, the sewer force main installation has begun. Both will continue in the upcoming weeks.  Street light and interconnect conduit installation will begin this week between the National Park and Kealakehe intersection.  In the north section of the Project, street light poles are being raised near the Keahole intersection.  We continue to complete the culvert outlet structures and anticipate pouring concrete for the remaining structures in October. 

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding while the work continues on the Queen K Highway.


PROJECT UPDATE - Week of September 12, 2016

Although it seems that work on the Project has slowed down a bit, we have been actively working on the underground utility work.  The utility work continues between Kealakehe intersection and the National Park entrance. 

In other areas, the crews have been working to install shallow drywells throughout the south section of the project.   Finalizing the installation of culverts continue with the completion of the outlet structures.

Thank you to everyone for the continued support and driving safely in the construction zone as we continue to prepare the highway for paving.



Thank you to everyone for your patience and understanding as we continue work on the Queen Ka'ahumanu Highway Widening Project.

We would like to remind the public that the entire makai (ocean) side of the highway from Keahole Airport to Honokohau Harbor is an active work site and therefore OFF LIMITS to the general public.  Safety is a priority for both our workers and the public, so we ask that everyone abide by the warnings.  Please stay off the work area.

Thank you for helping keep folks safe while allowing us to continue our work on the project.


Work continues throughout the entire length (makai side) of the Project site.

  • Temporary signal poles complete at Keahole, Kaiminani, and Hulikoa.  Kealakehe Parkway and Hinalani still remaining.
  • Traffic signal bases have been installed at Keahole.
  • Setting of light pole bases near Hulikoa intersection.
  • Waterline just north of the National Park entrance has been completed.
  • Interconnect lines continue to be installed on the North segment of the job.
  • The base coarse lift is scheduled to be installed in the near future with the hope of laying the first asphalt layer to follow.

Signage in and around the intersection of Queen Ka`ahumanu Highway and Kohanaiki have been placed to alert motorists of shared lane with bicyclists.

We would like to thank the community for the continued support and as a reminder, please stay off the site completely due to safety concerns. 


Crews continue to progress south of Hina Lani St. with utility work.  Installation of waterline continues south of Ala Nui Kaloko Road.  Reclaimed water will continue at Hina Lani, along with gravity sewer, progressing south towards Honokohau Boat Harbor.   Signal interconnect conduit installation began this week near the north end of the project.

Crews will be switching over to the temporary signals and removing the existing permanent signals at the Ka'iminani intersection on Thursday, May 19.  There will be no impact to traffic as crews will be working outside the travel lanes.


As of March 18, 2016 Goodfellow Bros., Inc. has had to slow down construction work in the field, while working out technical details with the State regarding ongoing construction and project design approvals.  Now that these issues have been resolved, ordering of materials and construction can continue.  GBI and HDOT are working together to find ways to recover the lost time, however, the planned September 2017 completion date is not expected to be compromised.

GBI anticipates resuming the installation of temporary traffic signal systems on April 4, 2016. Work on culvert head walls, seepage wells, sewer lines, traffic signals, street light foundations, and duct lines will follow as soon as the required materials become available.



As of March 7th crews are in the process of digging, laying, and back filling reclaim waterline, sewer, and drain inlet structures. Installation of drain structures and miscellaneous facilities will be continuing for the next several weeks.

The installation of the traffic signal system and temporary signals will be starting in March and April, with paving start planned for May.

As a reminder, the traffic management and staging plan is broken into five (5) stages. Stages 1 and 2 involve the grading and construction of the new lanes from the north end all of the way to the south end. Traffic will transition onto the new lanes from north of Keahole Airport to south of Hulikoa Street starting in August through October of 2016. Starting in November of 2016, traffic will all be transitioned to the new travel lanes while resurfacing of the existing highway takes place. Final surfacing of the new southbound lanes will begin in May of 2017, with one lane open in the southbound direction and two lanes open on the newly resurfaced northbound lanes. 


Work crews are now progressing south beyond the entrance to Kaloko Honokohau National Historic Park with a final push of clearing and grubbing followed by mass grading all of the way to the connection with the existing roadway on the south side of the entrance to Honokohau Boat Harbor.

Utility installation is continuing with water line proceeding south of OTEC Road at a rate of 600 feet per day. Reclaim water installation will begin subsequently, followed by sewer installation. Drop inlets and drainage structures will begin to be installed in February, followed by paving of the new southbound lanes.

Stay tuned for more updates.


Effective Monday, 11.30.15, the work crews have started into the final cut of the mass excavation to establish the full sub-grade for the new widened highway. Since inception more than 76,000 cubic yards of material have been excavated from the existing ground, and slightly under 100,000 cubic yards of material have been imported from offsite to bring the low points on the makai side of the existing roadway up to sub-grade.

Utility work on the new waterline has started north of the airport on the makai side of the existing roadway and has progressed all of the way to just north of OTEC road. The team is also working on the installation of the final culvert outlets in the north segment of the project. 



Work is continuing south of Hulikoa intersection with clearing and pioneering activities now approaching the north end of the national park. Culverts are being installed from south of the airport all of the way to culvert "G", just north of Hulikoa Drive.

Crews are continuing with crushing activities to downsize boulder materials for placement into existing fill areas and to back fill drainage facilities throughout the site.

Waterline installation will begin to the south of the airport in the next week. Passersby will notice all of the waterline pipe staged throughout the site makai of the existing highway, waiting to be installed as trench is constructed.



The highway is starting to take shape with work crews continuing to lay down finer material on the new south-bound lanes. The first of the largest culverts have been laid and back filled, and work on the next culverts south of the airport has commenced.  

The mass excavation of the south bound lanes has progressed to Hulikoa intersection and is continuing south.

Next week, the crews will continue with the mass excavation and will begin the installation of waterline north and south of Keahole Airport road. 

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Work crews have continued progress on the highway. Mass excavation has moved further south and is now approaching the Pine Tree entrance at Kohanaiki. Crews have started the installation of culvert extensions in the north end of the project. As culverts are installed, the new southbound roadway will begin to take shape as more fill is imported to bring the new southbound lanes up to grade.

The existing lanes remain open, but will close on Saturday for the IRONMAN event. Please use caution and watch for work crews.

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The first day of earthwork was September 8, 2015 starting north of Keahole Airport and working south. Progress has been steady and effective 9/21/15 progress is now south of OTEC road. Increased truck traffic is expected on Monday, 9/28 as crews shift their attention to importing local fill material to the makai side of the existing roadway. 

The existing roadway remains open in both the north and south directions with reduced speeds to 35 miles per hour.


On September 18th, HDOT removed all roadside memorials from within the project right of way. The memorials have been stored at the HDOT North Kona Base yard, and will be saved until October 19, 2015.

Families wishing to claim the contents of a memorial should contact the project hotline or email us at:


The first Public Information Meeting was held at Kealakehe High School on August 25th. A presentation was given by Ed Sniffen, Deputy Director for State Highways, and Ed Brown, Director of Operations for Goodfellow Brothers, covering all major aspects of the project and what to expect during construction.