PROJECT UPDATE: Week of April 10, 2017

The State DOT and Goodfellow Bros., Inc. (GBI) would like to notify our fellow community members that a new traffic signal will become active at the intersection of the Queen Ka’ahumanu Highway and Hulikoa Drive (Pine Tree Café / Matsuyama Market) on Tuesday April 11th, around 10:00 AM.

Starting Monday April 10th, the traffic signal will be flashing yellow for all highway motorists and flashing red to all Hulikoa Drive motorists for 24 hours before actually controlling traffic flow. For safety, please expect slowdowns in the general traffic flow through the intersection in comparison to the current traffic flow we are all accustom to.

Construction crews will be working on the highway Monday night (April 10th) re-striping the intersection changing the layout to accommodate the traffic signal. Southbound Highway merging lanes will not be accessible until the traffic signal is activated and local Police Officers will be directing the traffic flow.

Once the traffic signal is activated the morning of April 11th, the intersection will become a 4-way signalized intersection. All motorists entering and exiting the Kohanaiki community and beach will now use the new road at the intersection of Hulikoa Drive with the Highway. Motorists traveling to Kohanaiki from the South will no longer need to make a U-Turn at OTEC to access the area. The current Kohanaiki entrance/exit will be closed off and no longer accessible to motorists.

It is GBI’s number one priority to make the activation of this new traffic signal safe and efficient for the community we live. Please exercise extreme caution when traveling through this intersection for the next couple weeks until all of our local community has become familiar with the traffic change at the Hulikoa Drive intersection with the Highway.