PROJECT UPDATE: Week of November 27, 2017

Construction Progress

Work completed since last update:

  • Transition to Stage 3AA – Allowing work to progress in median area of highway

  • Extended gravity sewer and reclaim utility laterals across the median stage of the project

  • Installed 10 new shallow drywell’s and three grated drop inlets with 2 foot diameter drainage pipe connection the drain inlets

  • Formed and poured concrete swales from Hina Lani intersection to Kaloko Pond Road in the median portion of the highway, started forming concrete median barrier North of Hina Lani intersection

  • Completed sub-grading the Mauka median shoulder from Hulikoa to Keahole Airport Road (Mauka – North segment), completed grading from Hina Lani to Hulikoa in the median portion of the project

  • Installed temporary pavement striping from the National Park to Kealakehe on the existing highway to create room to finish building concrete swales in the area

  • Milled to new edge of pavement limits from North of Hina Lani intersection to Kaloko Pond Road in the median portion of the project

  • Installed street light footings and traffic signal conduit at Ka’iminani intersection (Mauka), Hulikoa intersection (Mauka), and Hina Lani intersection (median)

  • Poured concrete culvert lining in existing culverts from Keahole Airport Road to Hulikoa Drive

Upcoming new work:

  • Installation of new HELCO, HTCOM, and OTWC utility package crossing at Kealakehe intersection

  • Re-construct the Kealakehe Makai side intersection raising the grade and continuing the asphalt paving thru the area

  • Form and pour concrete median barrier in the median portion of the project at Hina Lani intersection

  • Complete asphalt paving on the Makai South portion of the project and tie-in to existing Highway South of Kealakehe intersection

  • Stripe the fog lines on the existing highway from Kealakehe to Hulikoa intersection (Mauka)

  • Build new temporary traffic crossover in the median of the existing highway South of Kealakehe intersection

  • Transition traffic to Stage 4 of construction staging – all Northbound and Southbound traffic on Makai lanes from Airport to Kealakehe

Upcoming Work Affecting Traffic:

  • Trucks will be pulling in and out of median work zones at both Hina Lani intersection and South of Kealakehe intersection, please use caution when construction vehicles with flashing hazards and strobe lights are driving around in these areas.

  • Kealakehe intersection is scheduled for re-construct in January; please check back here for additional information regarding work dates, hours, and traffic control.

Traffic Transition Update:

The traffic transition to Stage 4 is several weeks out; please check back here for updates as we move closer to completing this milestone.

Please continue to help us keep motorists, bikers, pedestrians, and our workers safe by respecting the posted work zone speeds.  In addition, please remember the new asphalt paving in the North segment of the project is still an active work zone. For your own safety, this area is currently closed to the general public for all vehicular traffic and all exercising, including walking, biking, and jogging.

Please help to keep our roads and highways safe. Have a happy and safe Holiday Season!